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Poland is a place where talented engineers and software businesses from all over the world meet and evolve.

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  • Cultural affinity

    Located in the heart of Central Europe, Poland is part of the EU community and our culture reflects this. It’s also a place where many international businesses are located. Many IT professionals collaborate with clients abroad and are used to working in a multi-cultural environment.

  • Easy connection

    Krakow offers connections and facilities that make travel easy and convenient. There are direct flights to over 50 cities across Europe, including multiple weekly flights to Scandinavia. Krakow is also well-connected with major European air hubs. Together with efficient local transportation and a variety of accommodation options, the physical distance is easy to bridge.

  • Technology hub

    Krakow is a vibrant city with a huge talent pool. More than 140,000 students are enrolled at the local universities. Combined with the convenient location, advanced infrastructure and unique atmosphere, Kraków is an attractive place to live and do business. The city has proved to be a strategic location for technology companies and startups, and is turning into a technology hub for global businesses.

Poland is a technology hub in Central Europe. Top engineers and designers, a great cultural fit and easy connections to all major European cities make it an attractive place to build your design and development team. As one of the fastest growing IT hubs in Europe, Krakow is a place where software businesses from all over the world meet and evolve.


Our cases

  • Friio


    The innovative Norwegian startup, has set its sights on revolutionizing the lives of personal second homeowners.

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  • Ayfie


    A boutique company offering intelligent search solutions. specialized in text analytics and research based on natural language processing and machine learning.

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  • Evi


    The future of kitchen design - Norwegian startup leading the way in socialization, technology, and sustainability. This journey revolutionizes the heart of the home and brings people together like never before.

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