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Ayfie - intelligent search solutions

Ayfie specializes in offering exclusive digital products focused on data search, risk assessment, and compliance. This dynamic Norwegian organization has co-created an innovative tool that enables seamless management and searching of organizational resources such as documents, PDFs, images and other types of files.


Our goal was to flexibly adapt to our client's specific needs through delivering a small team that quickly adapted to an existing project. As a result, we have demonstrated our ability to provide an optimal contribution with a team tailored to the client's current business situation.

At ScaleApp, we pride ourselves on being responsive to clients' needs. We were engaged to support another external project implementer and complement their team with our front-end and back-end competencies. Our team's expertise in Angular 12, Python, .NET, and C# has allowed us to seamlessly integrate into the team managed by Ayfie, alongside their Product Owner and the other external supplier's Project Manager. While the application is currently available only in desktop form we are continuously developing it into a web application to further enhance workflow convenience. The ScaleApp team has been collaborating with Ayfie since 2020. During this period, we have not only developed a positive and long-lasting business relationship but also gained a deep understanding of our client's business. It's been achieved through active engagement in Ayfie's corporate activities, including regular attendance at company-wide meetings. Our team's competencies have proven highly effective, which has resulted into growing the team to four people. Moreover, onboarding new team members has been exceptionally efficient.


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