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Friio, the dynamic Norwegian startup, is on a mission to revolutionize the lives of second homeowners by providing innovative services that make leisure experiences easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Their vision is to become the top provider of second home services in the Nordic region, with plans to expand their presence in the sunny south of Europe and the bustling North American market.


Facing the challenge of organizing a complete service offeringfull service for second-home owners, Friio turned to ScaleApp for a solution. With a team of 8 members, including a Project Manager, UI/UX designers, Technical Leader, Front-end, Back-end, and Mobile developers, ScaleApp workedhave been working closely with Friio to deliver exceptional services to the finalend users. Embracing an theAgile methodology and building strong, trustful business relationships, ScaleApp listened carefully have successfully responded to Friio's vision and business needs.

To meet Friio's expectations, ScaleApp assembled the necessary team in just two weeks and made the first release in less than two months. For Friio it was crucial to have a minimum viable product before the winter season in Norway started. Taking ownership of the front end and user part of the application experience for both partners and users, ScaleApp has leveraged solid, API-driven third-party services to provide a shorter time to market and the best possible overall experience for customers. The core of the platform is built on Crystallize, used as a PIM, CMS, and headless commerce. In order to deliver a seamless experience to customers, ScaleApp has developed a Partner web portal and a Partner mobile app for Friio. For Friio's users, our team have provided provides a website and tools that cater to their needs, making it easy to access and utilize their services. One of the strengths of this project was the flexibility of the ScaleApp team, as well as the close cooperation with decision-makers from Friio. From the moment we embarked on this collaboration we have nurtured a productive partnership. Our regular meetings have become a catalyst for forging a lasting business relationship, while also fostering comprehension of Friio's requirements. Right from the outset of the project, our dedicated operational team and Project Management unit converged in Oslo to meet with the client. Since then we conducted two engaging workshop meetings in Poland, further solidifying our collaboration. The entire project is being carried out using an the Agile methodology, with careful consideration of the specific needs of the client. The customer assumes the role of the Product Owner during the design process. At this very moment, the ScaleApp team is meticulously carrying out usability tests, unraveling the untapped potential of the website. These tests not only ensure seamless user experiences but also unlock opportunities for continuous improvement and evolution. Together, we are painting a vibrant canvas of innovation and growth, guided by the spirit of partnership and an unwavering commitment to delivering a superior digital experience.

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Bård Windingstad


I have worked as a product owner in Friio over the last 8-9 months, and ScaleApp has been our lead tech & design partner. The journey with ScaleApp has been one long joyride. I appreciate especially the extreme transparency and project management skills, including easy to use project- and communication systems. But also the skillful and committed team showing ownership to the product far beyond what one could expect.