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Build with value

Our approach is to help you scale up fast and mitigate the risk related to establishing your own subsidiary. At the same time, we want you to have the possibility to do so later, without the need to start from scratch.

We build

In the initial phase, we establish the first team(s) that will create value for you. We introduce your organizational culture to the team in Poland and put all the necessary processes and routines needed for further growth in place.

It is crucial to find the right people for your business. Therefore, we put a lot of effort into the recruitment process, and we are very selective. Besides verifying candidates’ technical skills, we ensure that there is a “soft” match with your team. You are welcome to be involved in the selection process. We set up a dedicated space for your team in our office . This will support building your culture within our environment. Processes, tools and rituals are then put in place so that the team can collaborate efficiently in a cross-functional, distributed office setting. We learn and develop your organizational culture locally. The team members will be guided by your expectations, experiences, philosophy, and values.

We manage

We lead and manage the team and provide all supporting services, including competence development, administration, HR, and finance.

The level of our involvement is discussed and adjusted to suit your needs. The management and shared services team will ensure that any administrative and line management support function smoothly. They will also provide the necessary leadership and support for the team, including the team members’ continuous self-development. Last but not least, they draw on our experience in managing multicultural, multidisciplinary, cross-office teams, taking care of agreed routines and best practices.

You grow

If you prefer, you can establish your own entity and continue developing the organization in Poland. During this phase we can provide support with the help of our partners.

We can also support your growth by providing the following services, directly or through our partner network: legal work, office search, recruitment, operations management, administration and finance. After this phase, you will be running your own organization. However, we can still support you by providing flexible engineering competences.


Our cases

  • Friio


    The innovative Norwegian startup, has set its sights on revolutionizing the lives of personal second homeowners.

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  • Ayfie


    A boutique company offering intelligent search solutions. specialized in text analytics and research based on natural language processing and machine learning.

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  • Evi


    The future of kitchen design - Norwegian startup leading the way in socialization, technology, and sustainability. This journey revolutionizes the heart of the home and brings people together like never before.

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Let us fall in love with your project

We treat your products and services like ours. We want to build the long-term relation with you and be proud of the results.

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