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Your business case

How can you pick the right nearshoring strategy?

Your business case


There are multiple factors to consider when building a remote team. Hourly or monthly rates for the team members is only one piece of the puzzle.

How much autonomy and independence are you prepared to give to the remote team?

How do you want to lead your remote team?

How much time and other resources do you want to commit to the success of the initiative?

How important do you think it is to cultivate the organizational culture in the remote setup?

How do you want to integrate your remote team with the rest of your organization?

These are just a selection of questions you need to answer. Your answers will influence your business case and may directly impact the value you’ll get from your investment.

We have extensive experience in building remote teams in Poland. We can help you build a business case and select the best nearshoring strategy for you. This could be using your own resources, our team, or blend of both. Our philosophy is to always adjust the approach to the actual needs of our customers.

Our cases

  • Friio


    The innovative Norwegian startup, has set its sights on revolutionizing the lives of personal second homeowners.

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  • Ayfie


    A boutique company offering intelligent search solutions. specialized in text analytics and research based on natural language processing and machine learning.

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  • Evi


    The future of kitchen design - Norwegian startup leading the way in socialization, technology, and sustainability. This journey revolutionizes the heart of the home and brings people together like never before.

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