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Like two peas in a pod

ScaleApp enables you to focus on expanding your core business by removing overhead related to building and operating a remote design and technology team. Good understanding of your organizational culture and leadership style is a key to the success of our joint collaboration. This combined with the effective day-to-day work methods and proper competence development.


A work culture along with its behaviors, rituals, or practices is a hidden attribute of each organization that significantly influences its quality and efficiency. Its effect multiplies when we develop the cross-culture environment. Therefore, good understanding of your organizational culture is crucial for us to build the team that can be the seamless extension of your existing team.


We establish a local management team responsible for building as well as operating your team at ScaleApp.

They'll manage administrative and line duties, and lead and support the team. We will also care about team members’ self-development.

They also support establishing all routines and best practices utilizing our experience in setting up and managing multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, cross-office teams. The level of our involvement depends on your needs.


Competence development is highly integrated within our work culture . We believe that skilled consultants improve the team performance, boost engagement, foster innovation and influence the overall satisfaction. In addition to the actual project work we implemented various initiatives ensuring the skill progress. This includes internal academies, external courses, mentorship and other knowledge sharing activities. We often strive to engage the customer to combine actual project work with competence building.


We believe that the right people are the most important for the success of our joint collaboration. However, we must equip them with the right tools and methods to enable an efficient work across borders. We have best practices derived from years of experience in building product teams for the customers in Scandinavia and other regions. We combine this with your methods to develop a unique way of work taking into considerations your working culture, systems, and processes.


Our cases

  • Friio


    The innovative Norwegian startup, has set its sights on revolutionizing the lives of personal second homeowners.

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  • Evi


    The future of kitchen design - Norwegian startup leading the way in socialization, technology, and sustainability. This journey revolutionizes the heart of the home and brings people together like never before.

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  • Ayfie


    A boutique company offering intelligent search solutions. specialized in text analytics and research based on natural language processing and machine learning.

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